Sunday, June 7, 2009

i'm giving myself whiplash.

i drove to my seattle home, and God put on a spectacular show. the sinking sun made me catch my breath and a lump formed in my throat and small tears streaked down my face. i talked to Him about the things that are making me afraid for next year. there was more than one thing causing me anxiety. it helped a little. and then the waves sort of crashed over my head again, and although i'm pretty sure i'll survive this, i'd really like to catch my breath again.

i need this summer to be one where i rest in Him. and also one where i learn what it means to be one part of a larger body. what is my part? and how do i serve the other parts? how do i use all that i have been blessed with to be a blessing? and what gift has the Spirit given me?

casting your cares is harder than it sounds.

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