Monday, July 27, 2009


last night i spent some quality time with brittlor.

oh, i'm sorry--you need me to explain that one to you? yeah, no problem. you see, there is my brother, taylor. and he has this girlfriend, whom he wooed about two years ago, and everyone calls her brittany.

brittany+taylor=brittlor. but really it sounds more like brittler. if this helps, it rhymes with hitler.

anyway, first we went to church together at coram. i made the mistake of telling taylor that one of my friends at spu likes to wait until everyone has their eyes closed while praying and then silently and stealthily blows air on that person and tries to make them laugh in the middle of the prayer. during our final prayer of the evening, taylor tried this on me. luckily he was wearing shorts, so i calmly reached over, grabbed a tuft of his leg hair, and held it there until we all murmured amen. i enjoyed a much more peaceful prayer after that.

then, brittlor and i decided we wanted to watch a movie, so we headed over to blockbuster to pick something out. we spend at least 45 minutes trying to pick something we all agreed on. admittedly, this might have to do with my habit of picking up the worst movies in the store and reading out the back cover description in a dramatic movie announcer voice. however, it was also because taylor kept picking horror movies, and i hate horror movies. normally he is down for sort of sensitive, artsy flicks, but that night he was being particularly stubborn. and i am always stubborn.

we finally settled on this movie about kidnapping in colombia, because it had a plot line but was also sort of intense, per request by the lor in brittlor. we took it home, settled in on the couch with my faithful dogs, and watched an incredibly depressing but very informative movie. there is definitely a lack of justice in the world. and then i decided to watch the short special feature on the making of the movie, in which the director of the film used the word "ultimately" almost as many times as john mayer sings "say what you need to say" in that hit song..."say."

it was a great night.

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