Wednesday, July 22, 2009

three pm tomorrow means freedom.


i was not made to study the sciences. there will be much joy and thanksgiving when i take my chemistry final and walk out of that over-air-conditioned room tomorrow for the last time.

a new to-do list will be made for the rest of the summer. it will probably involve, in no particular order, tiffany lynn anderson, the viola, harry potter, gilmore girls, the beach, and my immediate family. and Jesus. more Jesus. i miss all the times praying by the canal and i can't seem to find a place like that here in portland for the summer. maybe i haven't been looking hard enough. when i go to seattle next month, i want to sit there for a good hour or two. but i know its not the place that makes it right. its really all about the heart. and lately i always seem to be in a hurry. that...yes, nuclear fissions are calling my name! little buggers. night.

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