Wednesday, July 1, 2009

you need me less than i need you.

when you're older you will understand.

things i can't stop doing this summer:
eating tortilla chips with cottage cheese.
people-watching at the gym.
reading chronicles of narnia.
cuffing my jeans.
hitting the top of my car ceiling when i drive through a yellow light.
sleeping in absurdly late.
telling people about the flat screen tv in nezzy's nursery (did i mention he is one? one. year. old).
making daily to-do lists on my mac stickies widget.
asking advice from others when i really should just trust myself. and God. mostly Him.

this blog makes me sounds like my brother. he loves references without explanation. and making lists. he's the classic loop on my blogs i follow, if you want to check him out. i mean his words. not his rugged good looks.

just checking if you're reading taylor.

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