Wednesday, August 26, 2009


i'm not going to lie. sometimes, babysitting is exhausting. in comparison to the hours i spent folding clothes and manning dressing rooms at the gap during the past two summers, it is comparatively a much better job, but nevertheless, it can leave me...weary. it is draining to be constantly vigilant, guarding these little lives that are so very precious to the people who also happen to be paying you.

but then there are these moments. today, charlie and i decided to make chocolate chip cookies while evan busied himself in the family room. evan needs his alone time sometimes. i understand completely. so charlie and i worked quietly in the kitchen, our hands and faces and fronts completely covered in flour. i would take a lump of cookie dough from the bowl and let charlie roll it into a little ball with a look of intense concentration on his dusty little face before he dropped it on the cookie sheet in front of us. his little four-year-old lisp was enhanced by the fact that he nearly bit the end of his tongue off last week at the water park, and his stitches are still in the healing process. we were working pleasantly side by side, and as he dropped a little ball of dough on the cookie sheet, he said softly, "i love you." i looked up in surprise. "i love you, too!" i said. and then we continued with the cookies, and not much else was said.

they pay me to do this?

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