Monday, September 14, 2009

escapades thus far.

what a day.

1. went to the gym at spu. reveled in the emptiness of it, the lack of another person's presence. was running for a mere five minutes when one guy entered. followed by another. followed by the entire male spu soccer team. i turned the speed up and didn't stop running until they all left. i couldn't ashame myself in front of all those fit individuals. i will be sore tomorrow.
2. made my first real meal for myself, with the assistance of the lovely brittany emch. banana pancakes. i now understand jack johnson completely.
3. introduced britt to that which is nick davenport. sometimes when i describe him to people, i feel like i'm sort of sketching a caricature, an exaggeration. but then i hang out with him and i realize he's possibly even more so than what i described. we organized and decorated his already quite-furnished home for him, and i think he will be very happy when he sleeps in his room tonight, aka the shrine to all his obsessions. we laughed a lot and drank some good tea.
4. slowly but surely, making our house a home.
5. i'm really looking forward to this year. God is so unfathomably good, and He's still working today. i want to be a part of that this year. how amazing that He answers prayers, even when they are perfunctory (thanks richard).

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