Friday, September 11, 2009

that flighty temptress.

oregon gave me such a beautiful send-off today, i can hardly even feel wistful or sad at leaving it for an indefinite stretch of time. i'm not planning on returning here except for brief vacations for some time; at least until i turn the tassel at my graduation from spu.

but i will miss you, oregon. i will miss mt. hood looming impressively in every landscape. i will miss walks on the boardwalk with nezzy several times a week, watching the sky turn dusty shades of pink and orange over such a beautiful city, and crunching cereal over the oregonian for breakfast, even if the ny times is a much better paper. i will miss my dogs greeting me in the mornings, looking just as sleepy and bedraggled as i do in my silly pajamas and messy hair, and cafe delirium, with its mismatched furniture and the absolute certainty that you will run across a familiar face. i will miss driving in my car all alone, where some of my best singing and praying is done. and i will miss some of the people here, of course. my parents, their patience with me, their laughter at all my jokes, and especially their allowance of me to walk the fine line between independence from them and continuing need for them--financially, yes, but also emotionally.

but i'm not going to be dwelling on those things that i'm missing. i want to hold them dear to my heart and then step boldly into new experiences. i like to pretend dumbledore is talking to me when he invites harry into an exploration of the unknown:

"and now harry, let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure."

here's to the next chapter.

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