Saturday, October 3, 2009

autumn quarter.

latest obsession: wheat thins and cream cheese.

i'm trying not to think too hard about this quarter because when i do i feel as though there is no way i'll make it. this week has been such a balancing act that i feel certain i cannot maintain such rigid standards for myself for ten more weeks. perhaps this is why the saying is one day at a time.

but every morning i wake up and marvel at the view out of my family room window because seattle looks like a city on the hill, and the sky is always doing something interesting, and i usually find the sky a reminder that God is not some theory i pray to in my bedroom at night, but in fact is this real Spirit who hears what i'm saying whether i think i'm talking to Him or not.

and that makes me feel as though i just might make it, and not simply endure, but arrive come december tired, yes, but not weary; ready for a break, but celebrating the season i've had and a little wistful to see it come to a close.

here's to autumn.

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