Monday, October 26, 2009


tonight i walked into my house at ten pm ravenously hungry,
stuck a frying pan on the stove and grabbed a zucchini from my shelf
and a random selection of spices from the cupboard.
the tea kettle started to whistle,
i threw the zucchini in the pan.
in the time it took me to move the kettle from the hot burner to the cool one,
one side of all my sliced zucchini promptly burned.
the fire alarm shrieked.
"honey?" stephen called from the family room, where he was watching desperate housewives with alisa
(he's my pretend dad, after all)
i replied.
i scraped the zucchini into a bowl
and flung all the doors open.
i saw alisa through an unbelievably thick haze of smoke.
i mean, you'd think i burned an entire turkey or something.
"everything ok?" she queried.
"fine. just fine" i said with false bravado, coughing as my lungs exhaled an unhealthy amount of smoke.
so tonight, for a snack,
i ate burnt zucchini and tuna
with a cup of lukewarm tea.
mmmm. college.


  1. me too. i pulled the old fan it with a towel trick. all those times at home prepared me.