Thursday, December 17, 2009

hey! unto you a child has been born!

all growing up, at night before bedtime, my mom and taylor and i would go snuggle on the big bed, with taylor on her right and me cozied up on the left, and she would read to us. we read all sorts of books, and i would let the stories play out in my mind's eye as her descriptive voice brought the printed words on the page to life. i think it's no accident taylor and i both turned out rather nerdy and certainly bookish.

one of our favorites to read was the best christmas pageant ever, by barbara robinson. i remember laughing till tears ran down our faces, rolling with fits of hysteria on the big bed.

today, i went up north with mom to fetch taylor from school, as he finished his finals this morning. she happened to toss the book in the car because she had recently stumbled across it. taylor and i took turns reading out loud, and it was just as dry and witty as we remembered it. i think i may have emerged from the womb heartily appreciating sarcasm.

and what a strange and sweet role reversal to be able to read a much beloved story aloud to my mother, after so many years spent reading to us. i like to think that we are able to give back to her a little now, as her children, after she poured so much into raising us.

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