Wednesday, January 6, 2010

himma and the hard questions.

on the first day of ucor 3000, which is essentially a course on philosophy and christianity that is required for all spu students to take, professor himma waltzed in ten minutes late. he wore the skinniest white skinny jeans i have ever seen, and the first thing he said was, "damn, i'm fly."

and i'm not going to paint any further of a picture of him for you, dear reader, because i'm not trying to make the point that i have a crazy professor. i almost certainly do, and admittedly cursing professors who like hip hop music and talk openly about a lifelong struggle against depression and anxiety disorders are not exactly common at spu.

but he asked us this: why do you believe? and we were all quiet for a long moment, and when people raised their hands, they offered these sort of feeble answers that are highly personal. i'm not saying their reasons aren't valuable, it's just that it's not going to convince anyone. it's more of a reassurance to someone who already believes. and i'm excited to take this course even as i feel a little bubble of nervousness rise up within me. it is hard to ask questions about your faith. it just is. probably especially for those of us who have grown up in the church, whose identity is sort of wrapped up in there with actual beliefs. but i want to know why i believe, and i want to ask the hard questions, and i don't want to be afraid to consider some of the serious challenges to christianity. i am afraid. but i think courage means doing something in spite of the fear.

so here's to a quarter with you, dr. ken himma. you're going to make me uncomfortable at the same time that you make me howl with laughter. let's ask the hard questions together. i have a feeling God is going to use this for good, for mine and yours. and may you experience the love of God even when you can't understand it.

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  1. uuuuugh!!! i was going to take that class, and then something got in the way. too bad. we could have seen each out everyother day. And though himma can outvain me, i am obviously prettier.