Wednesday, February 24, 2010

on display.

chris told me that the best days he has are when he prays that he can be Christ to someone that day.

and on sunday, my pastor, richard, preached on this basic concept that to be a christian is not the ability to articulate doctrinal truths; rather, it is to be fruitful, to display God's character to the world.

and i've thought about these things, thought about how Jesus is this severe truth that cuts to the bone, but also this incredible love that pursues us relentlessly, wanting what's best for us, and i think that i would like to be that in the world. if God was willing to work through me, i mean. so now every morning, when the alarm goes off, i lay in bed for a few minutes, bleary-eyed and still half-asleep, and i pray that i would be able to display God's character to the world. today.

and i think if i continue to pray this, things are going to happen.

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