Thursday, March 11, 2010

first impressions.

today while visiting the uscholars girls' theme house, i had an excellent chat with the girls about first impressions in coming to college. the conversation wasn't particularly lengthy, but we had a good chuckle reflecting on how utterly and completely wrong many of our first impressions were. and i confess here that because of my 12 years in the same school system with the same classmates, i did not fully realize until coming to college the following facts:

1. i have a very strong personality.
2. my sense of humor is strongly rooted in sarcasm.
3. my sense of humor is what i use to try to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations.
4. not everyone has the same sense of humor as me.
5. not everyone likes my sense of humor.
6. sometimes my sense of humor actually offends the very people i'm trying to impress or at the very least get to know.

based on this list, you may be able to guess that many of my first impressions were less than favorable. i have had multiple conversations with very dear friends about their initial perception of me as being...well, frankly, not a very nice person.

thank God for second chances. and third. and fourth.

and also, here's to change. i feel like i've gone through the fire in college. but after all, isn't refining and discipline what God does with those He loves? may my first impressions post-college be much more favorable--and much more true to what's really inside of my heart.

(which is not actually brimming with sarcasm, as it turns out, but in fact--love)

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  1. dear sara. I'm really looking forward to talking with you, frankly.