Monday, March 8, 2010

for you.

dear friend,

i hope you're finding peace. i hope you're spending time with people who inspire you and genuinely care for you. i hope you go to a church where the pastor teaches truth. i hope that when you crack open your Bible, you hear the voice of God, and that you see real life in the pages, and not some theological checklist to which you must adhere. i hope that when you get into bed at night you sleep soundly, not plagued by anxiety or fear or guilt. i hope that you feel beautiful when you look in the mirror, but that you could care less what other people look like, because you're more interested in their thoughts and their hearts and what they're doing in the world. i hope you eat good food and enjoy every bite of it. i hope that you live simply, because things are just things, and that you are able to see that God chooses the things that look weak and foolish to the world. i hope that you know humility and servant love, but not shame or lies. i hope you know how to say sorry, and i hope the people you let into your life will love you even when you don't deserve it. i hope that you see beautiful things. i hope that you make wise choices. and i wish you well.

love, me.

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