Wednesday, March 17, 2010

note to self.

you know those moments when you are sitting there giving advice to someone else, and all of the sudden you realize you should totally be talking to the mirror? it's this very strangely humbling experience, i think.

and today i was talking to a dear friend and i said something like,

she shouldn't care so much about clothes or music or how her house or room looks, because those aren't the important things. the things she should care about are truth and service opportunities and caring for people well even when they aren't caring for her, which is what it means to love your enemies.

and then i very nearly stopped to bang my head against the table a few times, because, HELLO! here i am secretly thinking that the key to living a good life is in having beautiful things and listening to edgy folk music and having toned arms that look fabulous in my latest outfit from some expensive and eco-friendly store. and the simple fact is that those things are not important in making me the kind of person i want to be.

so, sarah. focus on some things other than your outfits or how whimsically you're living life! let's start with something along the lines of this:
act justly. love mercy. walk humbly with the God who loves you and saved you.

this new creation thing is going to be a long journey, i think. but failing is not such a bad thing. it's quitting that's bad.

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