Saturday, March 20, 2010


i think one of the main purposes for community, for friendship, is to tell our stories to one another.

every time that i tell my story, it deepens my understanding of God at work in my life, reinforces my belief that i am being fathered incredibly well by this perfect God who has adopted me into His family and treats me like His own daughter. it reminds me to thank Him for what He's doing for me and in me and through me.

and i hear the stories of my friends and family, about difficulties and worries and victories and provision, and makes these stories cause me to cling to God's promises and His work in our lives more than ever. because sometimes you hear a story right when you've been wondering why God isn't showing up, and you remember that life is a like a narrative and also full of seasons, and life is not like a movie and it is definitely not on your time schedule or under your control.

we tell stories and we recognize clues that God is working and doing something, shaping us, providing for us, preparing us to do work in His Kingdom. and i can only imagine what it will be like when we see how our stories all intertwine together into one grand story--God's story, His story for humanity and the world and redemption. i think the joy and awe we feel at seeing the fulfillment of His works will be beyond anything we can even imagine.

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