Saturday, April 3, 2010


thanks to bob zurinsky, i am sort of falling in love with theology and planning church services and even the tired old concept of a bible study. well, to be fair, this falling in love process is really thanks to the entire chapel planning team of bob, luke, tyler, and karianne (with katie to re-join us again this quarter, thank the Lord). but here i am on a saturday morning happy to stay in bed all morning and read articles on theology that bob makes copies of and hands out as enthusiastically as the mormon missionaries on bikes. i love these ideas. i love mining Scripture to find God, to find out who He is and what the implications are for me here, now, in how i actually live my life. and i love thinking about ways to then invite the church, meaning the people of God, the body of Christ, to enter a similar adventure of discovery and study and reflection, not because i've studied it and figured out all the answers, but rather because i can think of nothing better than to invite others to be fellow sojourners with me in discovering truth and God. we teach one another.

(and this all makes me grin a little wryly when i think about what it might mean for my future. can you imagine me working in a church?)