Wednesday, May 19, 2010


is it normal to feel concern for someone you don't even know?

there are a few individuals, usually girls, that i worry over from a distance. i try to gauge where their hearts are and if they are finding peace or joy or purpose, and i do it all without really ever speaking to them. the internet can be a tool used for creepy spiritual stalking as well as just plain-old-regular stalking. if i have the chance to observe them in real life, i do, i leap at this opportunity and soak up every moment of it. but most of it is online, i suppose. i just sort of cradle them in my heart, and i feel that i care for them and their well-being very much, and feel a very deep interest in how they turn out as human beings. and they probably wonder if i even know their name.

(i might even be talking about you).

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