Wednesday, May 12, 2010

apologies to dr. jabs.

i'm not usually a fan of skipping class, because i want to be respectful of both my professors and my parents, who give so much to keep me in school. but occasionally, ever so often, skipping class is this beautifully freeing thing, as rebellious as i am ever going to get. today chris and i cheerfully handed our assignments to a classmate to turn in for us, and sped off to discovery park. for those of you who aren't seattle-ites, here's a visual:

it would make you want to skip too.

and i must say that laying in that field, talking and laughing with this boy i love, feeling the sun gently warm my limbs, was just the thing i needed to keep me going for the week.

and sorry dr. jabs. i'll be in your class on friday. promise.


  1. There shall be many more classes skipped in the year to come. I promise.

    And you shall be may partner in crime.