Tuesday, June 29, 2010

change in the little gray house.

unusually, a second post from today.

i just thought i'd tell you what the combined work efforts of crissy kirklin, danni reaves, kelsey hampton, and i have produced in the little gray house of late:
  • a rearranged family room. much more feng shui.
  • a functioning TV from the street that i have adopted, which is currently happy being intimate friends with crissy's dvd player, so that we may view movies for the summer from the comforts of our own home.
  • a borrowed weed whacker from papa long and a borrowed lawn mower from the boys across the street have been used to beat back the jungle of our yard into submission. crissy said using the weed whacker made her feel like a powerful woman. danni and kelsey concurred when they took a whack at it later. (ha! get it?)
  • a new dish brush. ok, i just had to buy this, but it was so time. the old one was beyond nast.
  • a deep-cleaned kitchen. danni has even organized the contents of the fridge.
  • a much earlier rising schedule than this house probably ever witnessed during the school year. danni, kels, and i all have to leave for work at 8. mornings are pleasant in this house. the big windows in the front look out so beautifully to the sunrise.
  • the vases in the house are full to the brim with blooms from the men in our lives.
all in all--i feel at home lately.


  1. I find myself smiling as I read your blog posts. And when I am at places like Cafe D, it causes me to wonder if people are curious as to why I am smiling. Let them wonder.

  2. you mysterious, woman, you. that introspective smile will only draw them in all the more.

  3. *sigh* this ignites in me that weird feeling of "wow, I'm at home but I'm missing home too."

    Ever been so glad to be somewhere but also so miss people and a place so much? Yep.