Monday, June 21, 2010

the commute.

i commute now. that's such a grown-up word. i commute. it sort of sounds like "i pay taxes," doesn't it?

but strangely, i've discovered i love it. i love short car trips alone because this is always where i get my best singing and my best praying done. so, in true sarah j. long fashion, i have already created a summer routine:

on my drive to nanny, which is about 35-40 minutes, i pray. i pray best when i write it out or when i say it out loud, and so in the mornings those driving around me probably think that i am talking to myself. no matter. i am falling in love with praying for people. i have realized that the ten years i have spent following Jesus have been very introspective, and while i don't think that should cease totally and completely, i feel God's Spirit moving me to look outward, to point my gaze on something other than the condition of my own heart, and rather, begin to intercede for others. i don't always understand why God asks us to pray. sometimes it confuses me that i would need to ask for truth or justice or anything like that when i know God already desires that in our lives and hearts. but regardless, He asks us to pray, and so i'm going to obey that. i am going to be persistent in prayer, and not just for what i need. so i pray for every name that pops in my head until my mind feels like a blank slate.

and it feels good to know that i mean it when i tell people, "i'll be praying for you."

let me know if i can pray more specifically for you.

(i forgot to mention. the drive home is a song fest. i celebrate the day of work being done with loud music and large sunglasses. summer driving routine complete).

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