Wednesday, June 16, 2010

early to bed.

i feel like a grown-up.

i set my alarm for 6:45. lay my clothes out the night before, after i check the weather online. do my devotionals in the stillness of the early morning, perhaps a bleary-eyed housemate joining me over my cereal bowl. hop in the car a little before 8 to join the daily commute. work an 8-hour day. drive home before the 5 pm crunch that stretches miles around seattle in every direction, like a halo of evil gridlock.

don't feel too bad for me though. i am getting paid to hang out with a cool 12-year old four days a week. we make a lot of woven bracelets, play board games, read books out loud, and she beats me on the wii on a regular basis. i also get to eat free food all day. i mean really. it's a great summer job.

it's just those early mornings. i mean, for heaven's sake, i have a 10:30 bedtime!

i've heard it said that people are born with a certain type of brain: either night owl or morning lark. am i simply fighting my true nature? and does this mean a 9-5 job is not in my future? i can't really picture myself sitting at a desk all day anyway...

1 comment:

  1. I feel you completely. i'm getting up at 4:40 for the next month. I was born to be a nightowl.