Saturday, July 31, 2010

but why male models?

i was reading a passage in mark the other day, from chapter 8, and this is sort of how it went:

(The disciples forget to pack any food for lunch).

Jesus: Beware the contaminating yeast of the religious leaders and the followers of the political king!

Disciples: Shoot, shoot! Jesus is using that yeast phrase to passively aggressively remind us about food! What idiot forgot to pack lunch? It's not my fault! (Excessive blaming and complaining continue).

Jesus: Are you kidding me?! How can you possibly not understand yet? Isn't it obvious? When I just fed 5,000 people with only five loaves of bread to start with, how many baskets were leftover?

Disciples: Twelve.

Jesus: And when I recently fed 4,000 people with only seven loaves of bread to begin with, how many baskets were leftover?

Disiciples: Seven.

Jesus: Don't you get it yet?


and it reminds me of a little scene in the movie zoolander when derek zoolander asks, "why male models?" and an entirely thorough explanation is provided by the hand model man hiding in the cemetery. and then there is a moment of silence, and derek asks again: "but why male models?" and we laugh, because his character is rather dimwitted, and he is only proving how silly and vapid male models might be the perfect vehicle for political assassination. or something. he can't even remember that the question he asked was just answered. he forgot.

i think the disciples worrying about food felt to Jesus like the second time derek asks, "why male models?" are you serious? i mean really, how could they be worrying about food? how could they have forgotten two recent miraculous instances in which Jesus provided more than enough food? did they really forget that quickly? do they not understand that Jesus is more than able to take care of hunger? hadn't he proved his faithfulness time and time again?

we forget so quickly.

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