Friday, July 16, 2010


first home came to me for a few days:

and then i got to go home for a few days:

my heart feels full. i am thinking a lot lately about how God has been relentlessly pursuing me, committed to my transformation above my happiness or even my comfort. He is taking care of me so well. i see ways that He specifically answers my prayers, even when they're small (God, please provide for me financially; God, please help me to build better relationships with my nanny family; etc). i am going to a church that stimulates me and brings me to my knees before God every week. last weekend at home my mom absolutely spoiled me (i have new viola strings! at last). my dad was superman this week helping me do research for our current landlord situation. i have put this album on repeat since i got it in the mail this week. i like when listening to songs feels like reading a journal. and every time i see the sun sparkling off of the water that surrounds seattle, i marvel at what an artist God is.

i have a good story so far.


  1. You do have a good story. And I love reading your blog very much. I'm excited for the adventures that await this weekend!

  2. I always smile while reading your blog, SJ. I am sure I have mentioned this before.

  3. Sarah I love that your summer has been delightful, rejuvenating, and full of challenging growth all at the same time. And it's only mid July!