Saturday, July 24, 2010

prepare a place.

"Don't let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me. There is more than enough room in my Father's home. If this were not so, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you?"

John 14:1-2

i know this is about heaven. but it has also been the story of my week. i've had so many balls in the air, so to speak, and i've been plagued by the stresses that come with needing to move an entire household of stuff before you actually have anywhere to move it. i was so anxious as the week commenced. beside all my personal belongs in my bedroom, i had also gained responsibility for a whole host of things stephanie had left behind while visiting the motherland (including but not limited to most of the items in our kitchen and all of the furniture in our family room). where to put all of these things for a month? on top of that, my house group for next year is having trouble finding a house that meets all our requirements (not too far, not too expensive, not too small). i felt very displaced.

and when i say i was anxious, i mean i could barely sleep because my head was spinning with schemes and possible solutions into the wee hours of the morning. finally on thursday, i woke up and i wrote out a prayer in my journal. first i vented the hell out of my frustration (i think--yes, pun intended). and then, like many of the psalmists did, i calmed down a little and remembered that God is good. and also that He is perfectly capable of handling this situation. He had the authority on earth to heal bodies and cast out demons and raise the dead to life. i think He can handle my housing dilemma. so i asked for Him to lead my heart into peace, and for Him to be glorified through this whole messy state of affairs.

from that moment, i began to take on one task at a time. i stopped trying to plan out the whole thing in advance in my mind (which is a terrible habit of mine) and started the endeavor literally one step at a time. and the journey went like this:

  1. i had no boxes to pack in. none. and then the nice man at mailing services suggested i go to the bookstore. and i hit a jackpot of boxes in their recycling bin behind their store. so now i had boxes. just nowhere to put them.
  2. i decided to pack my room up first. it felt a little overwhelming and then marissa, organizer extraordinaire, came in and helped me pack up nearly the entire room, in a matter of a few hours. my room has been reduced to several boxes, a trunk, two suitcases of clothes, and my bed. a little weight lifted off my shoulders.
  3. friday morning dawned. i was determined to get all the heavy furniture moved. however, i despaired a little that day, wondering if we would ever find a place to put it. hannah and i sat on her front porch, avoiding eye contact, hoping the other person would come up with a genius idea. nothing. as chris and i surveyed the family room, i decided to call becky jo, chris' neighbor in the robbins. i asked if she would be willing to store a couch or table. a few hours later, with the little truck lent to us by the generous josh mccoy, i had moved all of the furniture in my family room (ALL OF IT!!!!) into the robbins apartments, split up between three apartments of good friends. God is even so amazingly wonderful as to have chris, becky jo, and josh live on the ground floor for the summer, so we didn't have to move any of the heavy couches up and down stairs. that morning, i was wondering if i would get anything at all stored. by the evening, God had provided a truck, several moving helpers who were content with a Starbucks run for pay, and a lovely, clean, free space to store all of the furniture.
  4. now the furniture was stored. but i had all of these boxes, slowly being filled with candles, knick knacks, and a ridiculous amount of kitchen items. where in the world was i going to store them? i decided to run down to the house i am subletting for august to grab my key and perhaps scope out the room to see if there was any way i could keep some of it there. and do you know what? not only am i staying in a master bedroom, which has a ridiculous amount of room to store boxes in, not only is the family room practically empty and full of spaces to stack boxes along the walls--there is a hot tub.
i'm never going to complain again. why do i forget God's capabilities? remember, remember, remember His faithfulness!

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