Wednesday, August 4, 2010


i miss getting distracted while studying near this boy. i'm glad we have one more year of complaining about a university-level workload before we have to be grown-ups and find paying jobs.

disclaimer: i've just noticed that i do a version of that lip purse in nearly every photo. people have go-to faces, especially when taking silly pictures. you understand.

and my mom even got in on the action last weekend. she is cute. i am scary.

should i listen to mumford and sons? i think they use the f word...and i'm not sure if i could ever just casually sing along with that particular curse word. in fact--definitely not. on the other hand, everyone keeps saying how fantastic they are. anyone want to convince me either way?


  1. they are so good. so musically large and sweeping.
    when the f word comes on, just turn it down real quick or sing a different word over it even louder.

  2. The f word is just a word.

    Mumford and Sons are also really overrated. That's just your brother's two cents though. If you can get behind them, feel free.

  3. you listen to and appreciate my words, even when they contain the f word.
    f bomb.
    f grenade.
    f nuke.

  4. the f word, has a meaning, meanings have power, and (depending on who you ask) the f word means a degrading sexual act.

    i have a new blog now.
    you probably would like it. maybe.