Saturday, August 7, 2010

dry and windy monologues.

The fact is that our natural tendency is to treat people as if they were not "others" at all, but merely aspects of ourselves. We do not experience them as the overwhelming, comprehensive realities which we feel ourselves to be. Compared with us, they are not quite real. We see them as if through a haze, the haze of our own all-engulfing selfhood...And so we walk around with our heads in the clouds, pass people on the street as if they were telephone poles, look them straight in the eyes and hardly see them, and engage in conversations that are really only conversations with ourselves. Too often others are but the punctuation marks in the dry and windy monologues of our own self-centered existence.

Mike Mason
(what if i learned how to really see you?)


  1. What page is this on? I want to find it. And remember every word.

  2. Let's make it a goal and a prayer this coming year. Let's learn how to really see people better.