Sunday, August 22, 2010


i'm excited to move into my new house and unpack all these boxes. living amongst boxes can be very uninspiring.

i'm excited to explore a different role on chapel this year doing PR as well as making music.

i'm excited for the return of brittlor and the opportunity to provide a room for my brother to stay in when he comes up to visit this year.

i'm excited to make three cups of tea a day again, once the weather turns blustery (and the tea is unpacked).

i'm excited to celebrate a year of adventure and laughter and learning to love with my best friend this october.

i'm excited for my house this year, for the community that i can feel God shaping already, for the ways that these lovely four girls will shape and challenge and inspire me.

i'm excited for a road trip winding through both boise and portland that commences so soon.

happy sunday.

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