Wednesday, August 18, 2010

let's get into physical.

i'm not becoming pagan or anything, but i am really beginning to learn to appreciate beauty. is that stereotypical of a young, idealistic college student attending a liberal arts university?

a good song, a delicious meal, an excellent glass of wine, a beautiful painting, truth in the form of poetry--art and creativity, nature and food and culture--it is beautiful and wonderful and it makes life worth living.

and it all points to the Creator. when God made the earth, He looked at what He had made and declared: "It is good." and i think modern-day Christians call the physical bad and the spiritual good. this is why we feel good about morning devotionals and Bible studies and church camp, but feel confused about sex and nature (are we worshiping the Creation, we worry) and anything else physical. it is all good! it is all necessary. both the physical and the spiritual. why do we always lean toward extremes? we're judgmental or we're flimsy. we're truth or we're love. don't we need to learn to embrace both, just as our Savior did?

i think i just feel extremely liberated by this idea because for the first twenty or so years of my life, i have thought that the way to relate to God was studying my Bible and listening to CCM worship music and journaling. and while all of those things are lovely ways to hear from and speak to God, there are so many others! i'd like to discover some of them. they might look like reading poetry or going for a hike or cooking a meal with some friends.

if you have an hour, listen to richard dahlstrom's thoughts on the subject. i think it will be thought-provoking for you, as it has been for me.

(did anyone get the ONJ reference in the title?)

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