Wednesday, August 11, 2010

regarding my summer to-do:

(in order):

i have a home for my senior year of college. it's called the tree haus. we have five decks. tasha and i are thinking a nautical theme for our room.

i have neglected french in favor of playing my viola so i make beautiful sounds at evy's wedding. but the sheet music is sitting right next to me and as soon as i'm done procrastinating i'll work on my french for a while. oui.

i have been honored to hear some amazing stories while working at ugm. the depth and resiliency of the human spirit amazes me. and it gives me hope that i can make friends with people so different than me, people who have been crack dealers and pimps and rock stars before they hit rock bottom. it gives me hope because i don't want to be a person who lives in a bubble and surrounds herself with cookie cutter people who look and think and act like me all the time. better to make onself a little uncomfortable.

i read more books for pleasure this summer until i got my materials for my online soc class. my goal is to get through the midterm before i leave for boise. but my last good pleasure read was till we have faces by c.s. lewis. and darn it if clive did it again. he always gets inside my head and shows me the condition of my heart. he helps me look at myself more honestly. often i don't like what i see.

today courtney asked for help with her ponytail before skating. and she asked if she could show me something on the computer. and she let me take pictures of her and rosie the dog in matching hawaiian leis. i think this constitutes a good day of nannying.

money feels tight lately. but God is good. and i live a really good life. and my parents spoil me every time i'm home.

i'm still praying. sometimes i don't have words, and then i need to be quiet to make sure i am not just chanting the same words out loud every morning. i want to be honest when i pray and never just repeat works to check it off the list. example: today i had to take a break from praying for someone else to tell God how frustrating traffic has been lately. it was on my mind. better to just tell him and move on.

gym: check.

time for French. if you are reading this, i probably miss you. truly.

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