Sunday, September 26, 2010


i'm looking for the way to use my spiritual gift in and through the Spirit, rather than by my own strength. i believe that the things we are designed to do most beautifully and most powerfully also have the greatest potential to be twisted. a great capacity for good also allows for a great capacity for evil. this is what makes satan so sneaky.

the trick is to not become so overwhelmed by the task that i clam up and force my gifts into hibernation. i know that would not be honoring to God. sometimes i just don't feel up to finding that delicate balance between truth and love; it feels impossible. and yet in the depths of my heart i know i'll persist. i just needed to say aloud that sometimes it is very difficult and wearying.

happy first day of school to my spu-ers. i hope you know God more this year than any years prior.

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