Sunday, October 31, 2010


i have settled into my school routine.  i think.

somehow i'm finding times to get things done.  my sticky note to-do lists are getting checked off.

i'm dreading a few of the final projects i'll have to do for classes by the end of the quarter.  namely debbie pope's giant presentation on gender issues (how can i get CLIPS of tv shows off of the internet?) and dr. hanson's "finish beethoven's 5th symphony the way YOU think it should be done" monster of a project.  but isn't it strange to think about how we dread giant projects and simultaneously know they will get done?  it will all get done.  i know it.

my camera is broken.  this needs to be fixed soon.

i don't feel quite so uncomfortable in trader joe's anymore.  i don't even miss fred meyer's.

i want to pray more.  i miss my times of prayer this summer, and there are so many things i should be bringing to God instead of just worrying over them.  there are many unanswered questions in my mind, and even more situations that i'm unsure of how to approach in a way that is true and pleasing to God.  so i'm thinking about using some of my morning Bible reading time to pray instead.

and that's all, folks.


  1. I can identify with your penultimate paragraph. That's all.

  2. i had to look up penultimate.