Friday, October 1, 2010

tuna and rachel.

today i am eating a tuna sandwich stuffed with tuna that was actually canned by my dear aunt laura, who is a dairy farmer. it is far superior to grocery store tuna. it is rather strange to ponder the reality that i am related to a legitimate farmer. we live very different lives.

my room feels too beautiful to be mine. thank you tasha. i love coming home at night.

rachel ide is getting married tonight and i'm so wishing i could be there, but i'll have to settle for stalking the pictures obsessively online. but rachel, if you still read my blog on occasion...thank you for your friendship, your one-liners, and your sexy alto voice. i know you and andrew are going to fall more in love with each other and Jesus through the years. thank you especially for your example of living out these lines: "If Thou should call me to resign/What most I prize, ne'er was mine/I only yield Thee what is Thine/Thy will be done."

and today the sun is shining.

happy weekend.

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