Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a wee update.

her new album comes out today. sorry tasha, but this is what will be playing in our room 24/7 for the next nine months or so. it's on its way in the mail as we speak.

boyfriend and i celebrated one year together on sunday. it was lovely to be able to reflect on how far we've come, how we've changed and stretched in the past twelve months, and to cast some sort of vision for where we're going in the future. i think it is beneficial for couples to spend time being introspective, looking inward, in order to then turn outward from themselves once again and be a blessing to the people around them.

and i'm making the transition to almost exclusively shopping at trader joe's (if you'd like to know more about why, check out the bottom half of this post from august). and let me just say that even though the groceries are delicious, sometimes i struggle with change. even small changes. maybe especially small changes. i am a creature of habit.

thanks to those dear friends who listen to me ramble and actually care to hear what i'm pondering. truly. i feel loved by you taking the time to consider my silly thoughts on this blog.


  1. I like the new photo at the top of the blog. It's fitting.

  2. oh susan. you are positively delightful, insightful, and the world is better because your dear heart is in it.