Monday, December 6, 2010


a brief reflection on what i learned this quarter in:

1.  issues in gender communication:

women.  girls.  the way you look is NOT (not not not not not not) the most important thing about you.  it just isn't.  your value is not determined by your body type or fashion sense.  reject those messages from the mass media that tell you otherwise.

2.  modern rhetorical theory:

language does not have a fixed meaning.  the same words can have different meanings to different people, and in fact--they often do.  meaning exists, but we have to recognize how unique every individual's experience is and how that background affects the way they interpret reality.

3.  beethoven:

even geniuses are influenced by the cultural context surrounding them during their process of creation.  our individual choices are always impacted to some extent by our culture, and so although art is timeless, it also specifically captures a slice of life at the time it was created.

4.  choir:

when all the members of a choir consistently show up to every rehearsal, you are going to end up with a really good concert (surprise!)

5.  voice:

i can memorize french.

maybe i will miss school after all.  then again, a true student never stops learning.

happy finals.

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  1. Woop woop! You should read Arthur C. Clarke's "Nine Billion Names of God" and then Carter Scholz' "Nine Billion Names of God." The latter deals with #2 on your list.