Tuesday, December 14, 2010

humble abode.

i am supposed to be walking my dogs right now to help my mom out, but literally as soon as i started to get ready to venture out, the clouds rolled in and immediately burst into a downpour.  so i'm hoping to wait it out for a bit.  my dogs are just as spoiled as i am and don't really want to go out in all that rain, anyway.

instead, i thought i'd give you a little peek into my humble abode this year.  we call it the tree house, alternate spelling tree haus, which is the german spelling (and two of our girls can get by in conversational german, after all):

 those lace curtains i referenced the other day:
 matching roomie mugs!  from tish:
 our room (sorry it is blurry...i'm not there now or i'd take another):
 tasha's bed and our shared desk area:
 my side:
 the maps on the stairway down to our room (tasha said it was very important to prepare them for all the maps they'd be seeing in our room...got to avoid map shock):
 family room...:
 ...which is connected to the dining room:

 ...which is connected to the kitchen:

 we have a very globally-minded community here:
 funky light switch (it came with the house):

(i didn't take any photos of the upstairs, because i felt it might be an invasion of privacy to take photos of the other girls' rooms without asking.  but rest assured there is an entire upstairs as well).

and it wouldn't do to withhold a photo of the actual ladies who live here:
(me, cynthia, tasha, hannah, steph)

it's lovely to live here with these girls, with their tender hearts for the people of the world and also their artistic flare for decorating and clothes and life.  we laugh a lot.  and eat really good ethnic food made in our very own kitchen.

these past few days have been very good for me.  i'm not sure how much i'll share later, but it has involved a LOT of journaling and reading--Scripture as well as A.W. Tozer's The Pursuit of God--and just pondering in general.  i'm listening for God's voice and repenting of the ways i've gone astray lately.  it has been good for me to take a lot of time to be alone, and i hope it is stoking the fires of my faith.  God forbid i ever become lukewarm.

i don't think the rain will ever stop, so i may go brave it with the dogs and return home soon after to warm up.  happy tuesday!

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  1. Holy cow I love you Sarah J Long. I am thankful everyday that I get to spend another year with you and really for every influence you've had (and will continue to have) in my life.

    Also, my room is your room so picture away if you will it.