Saturday, January 15, 2011

an excuse to post photographs.

prepare for another one of those picture posts.  i have some more serious things upon which i'm musing, but i felt my last few posts were a bit angsty and wanted to talk about the things in my life that are bringing me such joy lately.

i had a fabulous brunch with all four of my housies this morn.  steph and cynth cooked up a storm.  i didn't take any pictures because i was so busy stuffing my face, but envision homecooked scones, potato pancakes, and an exotic scrambled omelette.  i felt very loved and fortunate to be a part of this intelligent, compassionate, funny community of women.  thank you Jesus.


i have a jolly time with this handsome man.  i'm missing him this weekend while he gallavants in boise and excited for his return.  (photos courtesy of dearest steph).


tonight i am off to a coffee shop to read this book for my ethics in communication course and i am loving it so far (it makes me think a lot about how i want to live my life post-graduation: simply, and generously):

specifically, i am going to chocolati to study while my lovely roommate hands me free drinks and goodies:

and that is all for this evening.  i feel i've had a little time to breathe and relax this weekend.  even the prospect of going to a coffee shop to do my homework seems like a treat.

happy saturday evening, my loves, and i hope you are finding some rest this weekend.


  1. wedding shoes :) And that chocolati place sounds amazing!

  2. Mountains Beyond Mountains!!! Sarah I love that book!! That's what I want to do! So glad you are reading it. :)

  3. Mountains Beyond Mountains rocks my world. This guy is the model of sustainable aid to a starving community, where the white man doesn't just come in and save the day but instead equips the people to aid each other after he departs. I dig it.