Tuesday, January 4, 2011

no top ten.

everyone is making lists: lists to summarize the year that has passed, lists that hope to make the best of the year to come, lists of the best or the worst.  i will make a to-do list on the side of my blog for this quarter like i always do, and i will enjoy that because i like checking things off and because i enjoy the process of organizing in general.

but right now i'm not sure i have a catchy or clever top ten in me.  i feel a little odd being back in seattle because i did a lot of growing and thinking over break, and it is strange to be back around these people again, who ask how i'm doing.  i don't know that anything exactly monumental happened over break, but i certainly did a lot of sorting things through feelings and ideas, and i'm not really sure how to share what happened.  i feel...shy (?!), and at the same time, i feel like i desperately want someone to ask how i'm doing and be prepared to listen to me talk for a long time.  i feel both of those things equally at the same time, so for now i will be content to keep it inside and let it come out slowly, at its own pace.  i'm not really sure what "it" is, anyway.

there are so many layers to a person!  there is so much about the people around you that you will never even fathom.  i think the mystery of a person is fascinating and awe-inspiring and an excellent reminder that we are made in the image of a Creator who is complex and other than us.  we can be in relationship with a God we don't completely understand, because we do it all the time with the people around us.

and finally, a highlight of break was most certainly running the 2011 portland resolution run (it was only 5k) with my dear love.  we even medaled within our age brackets!  and i spent way too long trying to figure out how to put these two pictures together (through this site, if you are interested):

mostly i just feel pressure to include a picture in my posts now because blogs with pictures are the kind i enjoy the most.  but i also wanted to brag about how cute my running partner is.

happy new year.

ps happy two years of blogging, self.  and thanks to those who take the time to read about my thoughts, worries, and adventures.  i care for each of you and appreciate feeling like my voice is heard.


  1. I want to know how your precious heart is doing, friend. I'm prepared to listen for a long time. :)

  2. I'd love to have a heart to heart with you :) And we definitely will in May or June.

    Also, I might copy that little list thing that you do on the side of your blog. I like that.

  3. you and i. this weekend. maybe after you get back and recoup and stuff like that. love you.

    also, i am proud proud proud to know the good looking kids who placed in the portland resolution run. you inspire me.

  4. Glad we're friends. :) Happy new year.

  5. i have your "goals and to do's" post-it next to mine on my desk. i'm excited for another year with you. i will always ask, and i will always listen. i love you.