Sunday, February 13, 2011

pitter patter.

i can hear the rain on our skylights.  it is stormy and dark outside.  as always, the contrast of cold and warm is somehow poetic--i feel almost giddy at the notion that i am warm and cozy inside while it pours down just outside my window.  i am writing a paper while sipping tea and listening to the rain.

i love the northwest.  i hope to live here for a good long while.


  1. it reminds me of a excerpt from Watership Down that repeats in my head alot. Something about how no animal really loves winter. it says that Humans say they do but what they love is the defeat of it, the ability to stay dry and warm and fed while the opposite happens outside.

  2. I have loved that line since the first time I read Watership Down in the 5th grade.

    I think about it every winter.