Saturday, February 12, 2011


last weekend i went to spokane with beth to visit dear katie, who is getting her masters in theology up north.  i cannot tell you how refreshing it was to spend time with these lovely women.  we are all in this strange transitional phase of life, and to spend quite literally hours talking about our feelings, hopes, fears, and plans for the future was quite comforting and also somehow freeing.  i have been fairly introspective this past school year, and while this has been healthy and necessary for me, it was also a blessing to be in an environment where i felt invited to process my thoughts with people i trust.

some memories in photographic form:

beth's ice-skating past shows itself.

 dearest katie:

 a sassafrass:
 ...that i love.

 attractive women, aren't they?

 THIS THING was constantly pointed at us all weekend:
 they are very dear to me.

and now, before i return to homework, i am excited to celebrate 16 months (?!) with my valentine over some delicious moroccan food tonight:

happy weekend.  stay warm and toasty on this winter day!

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  1. Maybe the coffee coursing through my system is to blame, but I loved the love in this post so much that I might be tearing up a little bit. holy moly.