Saturday, March 12, 2011

more on the weather.

perfect weather to study for finals.  foggy and wet and puddles all over the ground.  maybe i'll go for a wet walk later, as a break from studying.  however, before i can take study breaks, i have to begin studying.

on today's schedule:
finish the devil's highway.
work on editorial project for argumentation.
do a journal entry for my spice route class.
start paper on devil's highway.
go to greek restaurant to get last spice route field visit in.
eat greek food, listen to live greek music, and smile at my boo.
more work on paper on devil's highway.

do you see what i mean?  how could i do all of this if it was sunny with a slight breeze?  rain is perfect for the kind of productive day i need to have.

here we go.

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