Friday, April 22, 2011


a few weeks ago my love and i ventured out to a winery outside of seattle for a wine-tasting adventure.  we definitely plan to return this summer and have a picnic on the ground.  all we need is a good bottle of wine and we'll enjoy an entire day of talking, reading, and eating.

a short photographic glimpse of our adventure.

a real peacock wandered the grounds!

he really is a fantastic man.

 too cutsey?  i'm almost done...
 ...OK, i'm done.
 let the wine tour and tasting begin!

envision the picnic on this lawn, somewhere far away from aforementioned peacock.
the tasting room!  

thank you for allowing me that brief jaunt down memory's lane!  

this weekend is full of midterm studying and celebrations (a birthday party and easter!).  but first, some remembering--i'll be leaving to attend my church's good friday service in about a half hour.  i hope many of you will be reflecting on Jesus this weekend, within your own communities of friends and loved ones.  lately i've been thinking a lot about how central death and life are to the Christian story, and easter is such a beautiful illustration of this.  we place our hope in the God who delights in bringing new life out of dead, broken places.    

"This happened because Abraham believed in the God who brings the dead back to life and who creates new things out of nothing."  Romans 4:17


  1. You're too good, Rah. What a lovely day this was! And good points on reflecting this weekend. Let's talk more about it.

  2. Looks fun Rah. Thanks for the update.