Thursday, June 16, 2011


i met with kathi gerspach this week while in portland for tiff's wedding.  this woman is a rock star who prays, a hippie who loves the homeless and has a better BS meter than anyone i've ever met.

this week we were talking specifically about graduation, because i turned the tassel on sunday, and now i am stumbling out into the big wide world.  she knows how my mind works so well, and i don't think it hurts that she is a licensed therapist.

the word she gave me was "interruption."

i don't care if the rest of this sounds like a hallmark card.  i really don't.  marissa always says cliches are only cliches until they are happening to you, and i am right in the midst of that confusing, messy thing called graduation, without a life plan lined up.  this is my real life.  even if it sounds like a disney movie.

kathi challenged me to allow myself to be interrupted.  my type A personality generally means i have a plan for the day, a check list to which i should attend, something else i should be doing.  and she has challenged me to allow myself to be interrupted more often.  this means learning how to be more fully present in the moment.  it means not multi-tasking in my mind all the time.  my life interrupted by God, by nature, by beauty, by an unexpected conversation or an unexpected opportunity.

today that looked like putting the cell phone down to be fully present in a conversation with my mom.
it also looked like taking a nap instead of powering through my to-do list.

and that's it.  this is new for me.  i think maybe the steps will become more substantial as i practice.

all i know is that i want to use this next season very intentionally to do some work inside of myself--or rather, to invite God to do the work God wants to do inside of me--laying a stronger emotional and spiritual foundation, so that i might handle future seasons with more peace, grace, and self-confidence.  i am fiercely focused on using this time wisely instead of filling it with all kinds of activities to numb myself.

"Be careful that you do not refuse to listen to the One who is speaking."  Hebrews 12:25

so i will plan far less official activities and commitments,
and instead spend some time learning how to be interrupted.


  1. "Unexpected intrusions of beauty. This is what life is."- from Saul Bellow's "Herzog"

    Steph and I were just discussing this over breakfast this morning. This very thing. I can't wait to experience this with you.

  2. I cannot wait, lovely girl.

    Also, as I was reading yesterday I came across this verse which I immediately wrote down as my birthday verse.

    Psalm 139:5
    You hem me in - behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me.

    This messy thing called graduation and the looming, sometimes dooming future is only what we see. I love to know that he takes care of all our sides - past, present and future.