Sunday, June 5, 2011

just finals.

last finals week for sometime.
(grad school? not yet...)
ironically, tonight at church i heard another sermon urging me to take the next step in my life--whatever that might mean for me--to be faithful, and to better embody hope, justice, and mercy in the world, being the visible hands and feet of the invisible God.

instead of getting overwhelmed, 
(like usual)
i decided my next step is finals.
that's all.  just finals.
this may seem silly when i'm a week away from graduating,
and perhaps some might say i should be thinking farther ahead,
but before i make any more decisions about living
(job, house, location, etc)
i think i'll just try to get through
one last finals week
and not think about step 105
until after i've taken all the steps leading up to it.

ps i'm addicted to instagram.


  1. very good, my love. i like the way you're thinking. just a couple more days, and then we have oh so many days before us to complete and participate in the following steps.