Tuesday, July 26, 2011


"The reality is that if you're reading this book, there's every likelihood that you, along with me, are among the wealthiest 5 percent of people alive.  There's also a good chance, with all that wealth, that you're using more than your fair share of resources, as I am.  The odds are strong, in our collective case, that taking a hard look at what God has to say about justice might change the size of our car, the amount of money we give away and where it goes, even our job.

"Who wants to do that?  It's far easier to frame the gospel wholly in terms of my spiritual problem and my need to get right with God in order to escape his judgment, with perhaps the added bonus of some inner peace and maybe even economic prosperity tossed in as sort of thank-you gifts from God for choosing Jesus...

"Seeing justice is inviting, beautiful, life-imparting, liberating, hopeful.  But doing justice is costly because it means stepping outside our often insulated and comfortable lives and pouring ourselves out on behalf of others."

Richard Dahlstrom, Colors of Hope.

words that pierce my heart this day.


  1. and this is a good thing to hear today (everyday?)

    i just finished this book!