Wednesday, July 6, 2011

your friends don't really matter.

This short and sweet blog post by Donald Miller is exactly, exactly what I've been pondering lately.  

My favorite excerpt:  
"Unless our peers are influencing us to live unhealthy lives, there’s not much harm in this….Except, except that what gets lost when we live like dogs trying to get a treat is our true selves. When our personalities develop 'in order to be liked or validated' we lose a sense of who we actually are."  
So how exactly does one live freely and lightly, then?


  1. I'm digging this. Good words, Don. And Rah, as well.

  2. I'd like to read a Donald Miller book, any suggestions?

  3. Have you read any Don at all before? Searching for God Knows What is one of my favorites and it deals more specifically with the question of identity. But everyone must read Blue Like Jazz. You don't have to like it...but you should read it. ;]

  4. Love this. Kind of reminds me of something my sister wrote (

    I really appreciate the way your mind works and the way you translate it to your blog. Thanks for sharing. I've actually been thinking a lot about personalities the last few days and about the way our main motivations influence us (to be loved, to keep peace, to have significance... etc)... Spurred from a conversation with a friend about the Enneagram test- have you heard of it?

  5. AH yes. Sister Rachel gets its. I like this excerpt:

    "Then I realized....That is SO NOT ME!! I mean....she rode into her wedding on a HORSE.....and let's be honest....if I ever tried to wear a romper, I would feel ridiculous!! I think it is fine to appreciate other styles, and be fascinated by people who are vastly different than us. But, there's a fine line between interest and envy - and I want to steer clear of any sort of envy toward a life that isn't mine."

    Hear, hear.

    I will Google Enneagram at this very instant.