Friday, August 5, 2011


monday i start my new job.  i suppose it is grown-upy enough to check off that task on my summer to-do list.  i'll be working as an office assistant to the HR generalist of a seafood company.  a lifelong dream fulfilled.  kidding.  but really, i'm excited, and i have several strange connections with the woman whom i'll be assisting:

1.  we have been going to the SPU gym at the same time for the last two years (she is an alumni).  we were like those polite smile, stranger-friends you make when you repeatedly cross paths with someone in a public setting.
2.  she also recognized me from leading worship at bethany community--she and her husband go to the same church!

overall, she seems incredibly kind and warm, and more than willing to help me settle in.  i feel really at peace about starting the new job because of the people with whom i'll be working, and that feels like an enormous blessing.

i'll also be wearing business professional clothing to the office everyday!  i went on a little shopping trip to better prepare, but i think this will definitely make my wardrobe a little more polished.  no more leggings except for weekends.  i feel like an adult.

now, off for my last weekend of summer!  such a strange concept...will i ever have a true summer break again?  chris' younger brother garrett is in town for the weekend and we are off to have many adventures as a trio.  it's a nice way to enjoy my last few days of total freedom.

ps happy birthday to my bloggy girl julie.  xo