Sunday, September 4, 2011

lists, naturally.

i have internet again.  a new internet connection in a new house that is slowly emerging from the piles of boxes.  the kitchen was unpacked enough to actually cook a meal tonight.  i went grocery shopping in celebration and cooked a delicious quinoa meal for my belly.

in the last week, i packed up my room at the tree house,
flew to boise,
participated in a 10k race with obstacles and several mud pits,
flew back to seattle,
packed up the tree house completely,
made multiple goodwill runs,
scrubbed and swept the tree house,
started a new class at church,
worked my last week as a part-time employee,
moved to my new house (yet to be named),
started unpacking,
and spent a long and glorious day at alki beach with my beautiful, patient, thoughtful boyfriend.

this week, more unpacking,
more gym time (!),
more church class,
more work (40 hrs, to be precise)
and more boyfriend

i am praying for us.  the recent grads.  don't drown in your confusion and insecurity.  don't miss the point and think your personal happiness is the point.  don't despair.  God is good.  find freedom and relief in his love.

"Oh God let us be / A generation that seeks / Your face, O God of Jacob."

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