Wednesday, October 5, 2011



1.  first time at paseo's with chris & housemates.  
2.  walking in queen anne.  
3.  top pot morning musings on weekends.  
4.  that sweet face!  (countdown to two years: only a few days).

1.  the zoo.  find the bear!
2.  mini fireplace in my bedroom.  mmm.
3.  boys' classy housewarming party.
4.  hannah's birthday celebration at discovery.  God is good.

1.  cindy visits!  we get spoiled.  (resemblance much?)
2.  more top pot.  yum.
3.  moon out on the last summer date.
4.  two housies plus another sarah on the left!  i like these people.

there is much for which to give thanks.

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  1. And I get a roomie again to share some of this with! God IS good.