Sunday, November 6, 2011

open our hands.

1-4: one of the most spectacular autumns in my memory.  the colors of fall have been exquisite this year, don't you think?

1.  signs of hope on my afternoon break.
2.  my sweet pups in portland (i can't believe i didn't take pictures of any of my actual family members. probably too busy talking).
3.  little touches at home on smith st.
4.  last crowder show.  the remedy probably has some of the best theology i've ever heard in worship music.  i like david and his lyrics and his sense of humor.  i don't like youtube videos with cheesy picture collages.

1.  more beauty on break.  thank God for those afternoon breaks from the florescent lights.
2.  ian and chris bond.
3.  3/4 of the sisterhood reunion.
4.  remembering our day at alki.

happy november.


  1. mega bro love. and may that continue one into Disneyland.

    these pictures are so great, by the way. and I miss Alki. WAH! We need to hit that up a lot more next year... except getting to the west side is going to suck with the viaduct gone...

  2. I like this post, it pleases my eyeballs. Disneyland Twenty-Twelve!